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Accept, Adjust and Adapt

Are you anxious?? I am. Lots of uncertainty right now. 

It’s easy to get caught up doom scrolling and sidetracked on things you can’t control. 

What can we do?

Accept, Adjust and Adapt

Accept what is. 

Naming your emotions, writing down what you need to accept to get through this tough time period will help get it out of your brain. 


The same pre covid pre-political angst methods may no longer work. Change your routines and habits. 

Journaling I want doing prior to this, now I do every day. 


The new virtual world requires different skills. Have you modified your approach?

My two examples. 

I get outside three times a day no matter what and measure myself to it with a yes or no in my journal. 

I added in 5-15 minutes of work to family time clearing mediation to reboot for the evening. That could also be a walk or a stretch, anything to clear the mind. 

Defeating Average in the new virtual decade. 


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