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Control what you can control

I’m tripling down on this theme in anxious times. It’s something I struggle with daily!

There is so much angst, anxiety, and frustration in our world and news cycle. It can get overwhelming.

My goal is to be in bed by 930pm each night for a good night of sleep. I was doom scrolling till 11 pm the other night and finally realized my thirst for information was counterproductive!

When I do it right what has been helpful?

  1. Limit Twitter consumption to 15 minutes
  2. Do it midday or end of the workday and cut it off
  3. Put my iPhone away for Tess bedtime and bath time
  4. Watch a documentary or series in the evening and go to bed

Technology is wonderful and related to social consumption it’s working against us. You need to be focused and disciplined on how to overcome.

Defeating Average in controlling what you can control.


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