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Mistakes Happen in Benign Situations

“It’s about being a warrior. It doesn’t matter about the cause necessarily. This is your path and you will pursue it with excellence. You face your fear because the goal demands it. That is the warrior spirit. I think Free Soloing is very similar. You give 100% because your life depends on it.”
– Alex Honnold, World-Class Rock Climber

I was listening to an awesome podcast episode with Dr. Michael Gervais interviewing Jimmy Chin, famed photographer, skier, alpine adventurer, and filmmaker. Highly recommend!

Jimmy Chin filmed Alex Honnold in “Free Solo” doing the most difficult rock climb (without ropes) ever attempted in 2017.

He talked about Alex’s mindset preparing.  How he visualized. He visualized both his successful manoeuvers and sequences needed on the rockface (like a Chessmaster) AND what will happen if he made mistakes.

As Jimmy Chin said, “mistakes in climbing happens when people are tired and way more often on the decent in benign situations.”

Visualizing both success, and mistakes and accepting each outcome will get you to the finish line.

Good thoughts to remember as you chart your big hairy audacious goal in 2021.

Defeating Average.



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