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I would like to be more accountable by 30%

Pre pandemic I would meet with my trainer or hit a spin class and push hard. In 2020, just bringing stability and moving the body was the goal.

We are all seeing a light at the end of this covid tunnel and I need more exercise accountability.

I was on a peloton ride last week from my condo, with two friends. You couldnโ€™t have said that 18 months ago. We were riding the same class, comparing our stats and pushing each other harder than we would have alone.

We start the ride with a quick conference call, “hit start” and close the ride with a quick call to rib each other.

I have stats on Peloton and on my Whoop wearable and am finding when I ride with two friends I was increasing output by 30 percent.ย 

Reminder, when you are ready, peer with friends, push one another and hold each other accountable to a higher standard.

Defeating Average.


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