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Soup for The Soul of America

I have found reading history in divisive times has been an antidote for anxiety. In the past, I have shared Ryan Holidays’ “Stillness is the Key” and am currently reading “The Soul of America” by Pulitzer Prize author and historian Jon Meacham.

When pressed on how he should lead John F. Kennedy said “ Now look, I happen to know a little about leadership. I’ve had to work with a lot of nations, for that matter at odds, with each other. And I tell you this: you do not lead by hitting people over the head. Any damn fool can do that, but it’s usually called ‘assault’ — not leadership.’ …I’ll tell you what leadership is. It’s persuasion–and conciliation–and education –and patience. It’s long, slow tough work. That’s the only kind of leadership I know–or believe in–or will practice.” 

We have a long road ahead of us. 

Be calm in the storm, in the face of adversity. 

Play the long game. 

Support one another.

We are better off together.

Defeating Average Together.


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