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You’re Not Listening

I was listening to a great podcast this week from Preet Bharara where he interviewed Chief CNN Correspondent Clarissa Ward.

They discussed what makes a good journalist, a good lawyer, and a good parent. Clarissa Ward has been embedded in a lot of war zones. 

“We do a lot of talking in our society. We don’t do enough listening, and the one piece of advice that I would want to give to my young boys she said, is to do more listening than talking.”

 Preet said the same thing. “If you want to be a good lawyer,  be a good talker. If you want to be a great lawyer. Be a good listener.” 

I think we can all take that piece of advice in whatever profession we reside.

The more we can pause the more we can stay curious, the more we can listen to another person’s point of view.

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