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Are you communicating ahead?

Coming off a company QBR (Quarterly business review) this week, three key learning themes came out.


Growth mindset

  • Are you open to new ideas and new ways of doing things?
  • In these covid times, we need to be willing to throw things out that no longer work and find new ways that do


Beginner’s mind

  • Blank slate thinking. New problems require new solutions and as Brene Brown reminded me in a podcast recently, spend 55 minutes of the hour getting clear on the problem and spend 5 minutes on the solution



  • When you work for or with a matrixed organization, alignment is key.
  • Over Communicating never hurts, and making sure your audience understands your intention by hearing back in their words
  • Meeting people who are key stakeholders to executing on your project on a regular basis in the spirit of partnership


To Defeating information overload and landing your message.



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