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My Nutrition was out of wack

I have been trying to get back into shape. I am getting in a good amount of outside time, riding the peloton a couple of times and a week, and slowly easing back into running.

It really hit me after a run 6 weeks ago and I felt completely out of shape when I was done. 

Is this it, I was thinking? Maybe the good running days are done.

I called a friend who has been accelerating in his 50+ year age for some advice.

He said:

  1. Stretching and a lot of it
  2. Nutrition – Are you being honest with yourself?
  3. East back into it


I have been on a stretching binge, my wife can attest to it. Lying on the floor all over the apartment. What has really helped is focusing on it with my trainer. Instead of stretching for time, stretching for deep breaths (that are a similar amount of time). I can report making big strides in my standing stretch and things are progressing.


I started following a program with my friend and nutritionist Dr. Marc Bubbs. I needed an accountability partner, and a stronger why.

Feeling old and slow was enough to get me kick-started.

A key piece of this has been sharing my nutrition goals with my wife and without her assistance in making some amazing and delicious meals and would not be making the progress I want to be.

Finally, easing back into it.

It’s an ultra-marathon, not a sprint. I want to feel healthier, lighter, more flexible for myself and my family, and am on my way there.

Anyone else who needs an accountability partner or support, reach out!

Defeating Average as we age.


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