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Are you an imposter?

I think we all are at some point. This discussion has been coming up more and more recently.

Are you handling the pandemic ok? Yes, I mean nooo!

How are you handling the scope of your new role? Great, I mean, ugg flailing!

You seem to be onboarding your new team well and meeting customer expectations. Yes, I am! Noooo, I am struggling to keep up!

Does this sound like you at all?

We all have a lot on our plate right now and may feel like an imposter balancing our job, our pandemic life, and our family.

It’s ok to say, woe, it’s a lot right now and sometimes I am on the struggle bus.

People appreciate honesty.

Personally, some days I feel like I have it nailed and the next day, I don’t at all!

What is important during these times?

  • Be gentle with yourself, it’s ok to admit…even to others.
  • Partner with other people who can help you get over the hump.
  • Remember each day is a new day and with good sleep, you will wake up refreshed and be able to begin again.

If you are not struggling right now, it’s possible you are not being honest with yourself.


Defeating the struggle together!



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