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Are you missing out on opportunity?

Pull your toes on the way up, push through your quads on the way down and widen the circle.


Good advice from Peloton instructor Sam Yo last week on one of my regular spin classes.

He was focusing on potential range of motion, power, and output.

It made me think about how that applies to life.


You can look at it like 7 pieces of a pie in the wheel of life. 






Health and Wellness

Friend and Community


If you are not getting your full range of motion, power and output in each area, you are missing out on opportunities.


None of us will be hitting 10/10 in all areas and not even close.


When we think about how much of the pie and landscape we are covering we can put a spotlight on the areas we would like to focus on…and perhaps pull our toes up a little more.


Where are you doing well?

Where can you expand that circle?


Defeating Average.



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