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I’m back from PTO and I slowed down!

“Pay attention in the present moment. Drink your tea slowly and revelry, as if it’s the axis on which the world earth revolves – slowly, evenly without rushing towards the future. Live the actual moment, only this moment is life.”

– Thich Nhat Hanh


It took me three days on a week-long vacation to SLOW down, rest and restore. 

I had naps in the afternoon instead of writing.

I meditated longer in the morning instead of rushing to get a workout in.

I played in the ocean longer with my daughter Tess, instead of heading to the beach and chunking through the book I was reading.

I was less achievement oriented and I feel like I am coming back more rested!

I lived more in the moment. I did less, and went deeper.


In the end, what’s it all for?

This is one of my daily questions I answer.

I spent some time documenting good moments during the days. Something I can refer back to.

Hopefully I can bring at least 2%+ more of this theme back into my work world and find synchronicity between work, family and life.

Defeating Average by taking all your PTO.  


That means you!



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