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Are you a leader of tomorrow?

What is life? 


What’s it for?


There is a lot of ambiguity in the world right now. We are coming out of lock down. Life is getting back to normal. There is a new virus variant, we may be retracting, putting more strict measures back in place?


One thing is certain. Nothing is certain right now.


How does that make you feel?


Uneasy, confused, despondent.


I think we have all felt these emotions. I certainly have.


We are entering a new uncertain future.


The leaders of tomorrow (and this includes leading yourself and your family), are people who can adapt, pivot, grow, learn.


Attitude can lead you through ambiguity.

Recovery for mind and body can lead you to the right results.

Living (and showing others how) through your values leads to victory.

Understanding and empathy helps lead you over the mountain pass of uncertainty.


We are all in it together.

Help one another.


I will be on PTO for the rest of the week and taking a break from writing to spend time with my family.


Have a great week.


Defeating Average Together.



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