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I visualized being at the top for three years 

I visualized being at the top of Everest for three years until I was.”

  • Ricky Singh (Indian / American Entrepreneur)

We sat around the dinner table talking about our first day on the expedition and someone ask Ricky “we heard you climbed Everest in 2019, tell us about the experience.”

He said “I climbed for 6 weeks every spring in Nepal with the team I assembled over three years. We practiced our skills and build trust constantly. When back in the US I spent a little time each night visualizing success. I saw myself at the top. I saw through any obstacles. Skills will only get you so far in Everest. You need belief in yourself, confidence you can handle anything that comes your way.”

As we hiked Death Valley this week he got me thinking about my values.

Trust, learning, exploration.

Trust and learning have always been my top two. For me part of exploration is courage.

Ricky exemplifies courage and learning.

To be different, think differently, challenge boundaries. He was one of the most curious people about life I have ever met.

Ricky had the courage to believe he could make the highest point on earth.  He planned for it meticulously. Three of four people on his expedition made it to the top. All made it off safely.  Ricky lost two fingers to frostbite on the way down.  A simple mistake taking a glove off at the wrong time. Other mistakes could have been much more consequential.

Part of what I love about these adventures, are who you meet and what you learn about them and about yourself.

What do you want?

How can you meticulously plan to make it so? Visualize its completion.

How can you be a little more curious learning from others.

Defeating Average.


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