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Chosen Family

We were at a NYC afternoon get together for friends that support the arts and formed a non profit during the pandemic. It was my wife’s group and I was tagging along to keep our 3 year old Tess amused. 

It was a beautiful brownstone with a big wall of books all the way along one side and brick on the other. 

My goal was to keep Tess from disturbing the adults and make sure my wife could have a good time. I’m on the introverted side by nature and pull myself across to the extrovert side for work and get-togethers. It takes (and uses up my energy) to build small talk with groups of people. 

After a number of puzzle games and Tess and I grazing on snacks, I picked her up and brought her into some conversations. She’s a natural connector!

I found myself getting re-acquainted with small talk and finding out how people spend their work weeks and what brought them together as a group. Good people, wanting to give back to a community of people they love.

Once the small gathering hit critical mass the host said a few small words. What stood out most was her use of the words “chosen family.”

Many people left NYC during the heart of the pandemic, while others banded together to shine a bright light for dim prospects on one of the most important industries in the city.

  • Some friends left so you needed to find new ones
  • You had to make a real effort to travel outside the city to see people and you could not choose everyone
  • Zooms with friends and family was the new normal, you had to prioritize people
  • You had a fraction of the amount of disposable time and heart to give to others, you had to choose wisely

The pandemic has changed many things, including who you choose.

On this US Thanksgiving (for those who observe) recognize when the chips were down, who you chose and chose you.

Have a wonderful holiday.




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