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Honey Makes Me Wiggle

I was making a lunch snack for my daughter this morning and I asked her the typical question.

Would you like almond butter and honey or almond butter and jam?

She shook her head and came over and pointed at the honey.

Almond butter and honey I said. 

She shook her head no, “just honey.”

Why, I said?

“I don’t like Almond Butter.”

But you have always liked Almond Butter I said.

“I just want honey. Honey makes me wiggle.”

Fair enough!

As I am learning, things change often with kids. What was true one week is not true the next. What worked yesterday, may not work tomorrow.

Accepting that as true with my daughter makes life easier. 

I am focused on staying a little curious a little longer and treating each day with a beginner’s mind.


Defeating Average.



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