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Children are listening…are you?

I was listening to my meditation last weekend when my daughter asked, “can we listen to one of mine.”

We started six months ago listening to some children’’s meditations on the Calm app, including Poppy the Troll, Thomas the Train and others. They are four minutes long. The one she loves the most is “Gratitude Scrapbook.”

We listen for a couple minutes and then she will tell me to pause it so she can share what she is grateful for, and then I do the same.

Tess’s are simple:

I am grateful when Daddy plays with me
I am grateful for my friend William
I am grateful for mommy reading me books
I am grateful for ice-cream (aren’t we all)

It’s a reminder of what it’s all for.

Connection, friendship, love, learning and snacks.

Children have a lot to teach us, if we are listening.

Have a great weekend.


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