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Re Showing Up in Person

We need to relearn how to present ourselves.


I was part of a company program recently where our sales people had to stand and deliver a pitch. I’ve been at Salesforce 17 years and we used to do this all the time. I saw so many people using crutch notes on computers, iphones, etc, who did not trust their skills to present without notes.


We hired many people during the pandemic, young in tenure who have not had to do it. I am rusty, others are rusty and need to relearn. 


I’ve got used to preparing for meetings with notes and having them available on my computer as a crutch. Even the difference between driving a meeting on zoom or in the office hybrid with a couple people live is a challenge to prepare for. I am rusty, others are rusty.


I have heard many people say, we are going back to 2019 both in how the world works and how work is most effective. It’s a reset. 


Think about the skills that were critical in showing up in 2019:

  • Good eye contact
  • Good posture
  • Projecting your voice
  • Good tone modulation 
  • Pause to make impact 


It’s time to dust off these skills and reset.


Defeating Average.


I will only be writing Monday this week. Have a great US Thanksgiving for those celebrating.



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