Author: Colin Nanka

People miss being with one another

Who is the person you will visit when you can travel? “People miss being with each other” Delta CEO Ed Bastian shared on the Masters of Scale podcast recently. I think his sentiment in this podcast balances well, connection, and living values as leaders and in family. I have flown Delta in the past and they have made big improvements under his leadership. They are leading by their values in the way they approach the market and feedback from their customers. Questions pondered in this episode: Can your business sustain if you put finances before making the right choices for your customers during a pandemic? Can you afford not to make the right choice for your customer and survive? Defeating Average. Colin

He took a call from President Clinton in my office

I was listening (audiobook reading) to former CEO of Walt Disney Corporation, Bob Iger’s new book this weekend. The Ride of a Lifetime. He has some amazing stories, as expected. One of many hit home with me on leadership. His former boss in his early career with Disney had some big celebrity relationships and he kept interrupting important 1:1 meetings when calls would come in from people like Tom Cruise and President Clinton. Meeting after meeting was rescheduled or abbreviated. It happened to many people. Managing your time and respecting others’ times is a vital thing to do as a manager.   You have to sit through meetings you might otherwise ignore. You have to listen and learn. How you show up in front of people impacts how they will show up for you.   I highly recommend reading his book. Colin

Choking off success

Are you choking off your success? I was listening to a great podcast this week on Finding Mastery.  Michael Gervais was interviewing Tony Blauer a self-defense legend and expert. They talked about choking in the moment. “When you choke you are choking off access to your skillset. You don’t lose your skills. You just can’t access them.” Interesting listen if you are looking to work through the distress of defeat. Recommend the podcast if you are looking to perform in the arena at the right moment. Colin

If you are not breathing, you are not living :)

Breathe deep and stretch. You need to breathe in deeply to enjoy a deep breath out. I have been stiff lately. Being cooped up in a small apartment will do that to you. I did a great workout session Friday morning with my trainer. All stretching. As he said “active stretching isn’t just lying around. You need to focus on the breathing while you stretch, inhale deeply push into the stretch while you breathe out.” We improved my hanging hamstring stretch by 3 inches! This is the time for me in spring renewal to lean into stretching as we get ready to re-enter more normal times. What can you focus on daily, breathe into and release out from? Breath is the key. Colin

Focus on thy self

Self Regulation and Self Awareness, are all the rage. I was talking to my meditation instructor this past week. We were talking about the future of work and what managers need and what workers expect from their leaders. We were breaking down what resilience meant in this environment.  Endurance + bouncing back. Endurance requires self-regulation of energy and emotion. Bouncing back requires self-awareness. This requires daily focus. One of the examples that I have used is tracking obstacles you may experience daily. I update my list every weekend. I read them every morning. Building awareness of challenges you may encounter allows you to regulate and prepare energy to overcome. What are your obstacles for the week ahead? Defeating Average. Colin

I yelled at Tess and it didn’t feel good

I yelled at my almost-three-year-old last week. I felt terrible. True she has her moments and can be super whiny and annoying but I didn’t have the patience I normally do. The underlying anxiety from the pandemic, state of political angst (insert…whatever aggravates you daily) and much less patience turns into yelling at my daughter. We are all taking on a lot right now! Note for myself and anyone it helps. 1. Pause and breathe for one minute 2. Acknowledge how you feel, build the awareness 3. Choose your path forward with poise Defeating Average. Colin

I would like to be more accountable by 30%

Pre pandemic I would meet with my trainer or hit a spin class and push hard. In 2020, just bringing stability and moving the body was the goal. We are all seeing a light at the end of this covid tunnel and I need more exercise accountability. I was on a peloton ride last week from my condo, with two friends. You couldn’t have said that 18 months ago. We were riding the same class, comparing our stats and pushing each other harder than we would have alone. We start the ride with a quick conference call, “hit start” and close the ride with a quick call to rib each other. I have stats on Peloton and on my Whoop wearable and am finding when I ride with two friends I was increasing output by 30 percent.  Reminder, when you are ready, peer with friends, push one another and hold each other accountable to a higher standard. Defeating Average. Colin

I didn’t feel well so I lied down

I pride myself on being able to push through. I have run hundreds of miles in tough terrain. But this pandemic flexes different muscles. A few weeks ago I wasn’t feeling well. Zoom fatigue, not enough fresh air, groundhog day. I wasn’t sure but that was my best guess. As I shared with my wife Blake, she said, why don’t you cancel a couple of meetings this afternoon and lie down. I’ve pushed through that feeling in a non-pandemic era many times before. I thought maybe this time I should listen to my body and my wife and take a break. I canceled the meetings. I lied down. I felt better later that day and much better after a good night’s sleep. It’s ok to struggle, it’s ok to take a break, we all need one. Colin

Your Morning Checklist

We are skipping ahead a little bit to what your Daily Metrics of Success and Habits of Resilience could look like! Early in the pandemic of 2020, I started to get micro-focused every day. Groundhog day was real…and still is! I got laser-focused and clear on what my morning routine was going to be and how I was going to set my day up for success. Here is the list in text below in case it gives you a starting point to copy: Morning 1. Did I complete 5+ minutes of morning meditation or mindfulness? 2. Did I get to sleep by 930pm? 3. Morning Questions What brings me energy and life? What are you happy about? What are you excited about? What does success look like today? 4. Daily Intention What are your intentions in 3-5 words? 5. Movement and Nature? Did you get outside for fresh air three times today? Did you move your body (walk, yoga, run, cycle) for at least 20 minutes today? Evening 1. What are two things I am grateful …