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Acceptance and Choice

The A in ABC coaching is Acceptance.

The C is Choice.

I’m going to double down on a few concepts this quarter.

We need to see clearly what the reality is, not so we can accept the obstacles and decide we can’t overcome them but to have clarity on that challenge and make a choice if we are willing to do the hard work…to go through.

When you see a blizzard ahead, do you turn back and go home or do you take shelter, create a plan, push forward, and take the right tools to push through?

Defeating Average.


Non-Striving in Sales 

If there was a year for non-striving it was 2020.

You might have worked twice as hard to hit the same quota AND it was an opportunity to put your mental health first.

Listening to world-leading meditation teacher Jon Kabat Zinn recently he said:

“Non-striving is related to trust. 

  • There is no place to go
  • Nothing to do
  • Nothing to attain

When you adopt that mindset, everything is attainable. There is a vortex of insights and clarity awaiting you.”

I suggest you read this 2-3 times and let it sink in!

To Defeating “striving” in 2021.


Mistakes Happen in Benign Situations

“It’s about being a warrior. It doesn’t matter about the cause necessarily. This is your path and you will pursue it with excellence. You face your fear because the goal demands it. That is the warrior spirit. I think Free Soloing is very similar. You give 100% because your life depends on it.”
– Alex Honnold, World-Class Rock Climber

I was listening to an awesome podcast episode with Dr. Michael Gervais interviewing Jimmy Chin, famed photographer, skier, alpine adventurer, and filmmaker. Highly recommend!

Jimmy Chin filmed Alex Honnold in “Free Solo” doing the most difficult rock climb (without ropes) ever attempted in 2017.

He talked about Alex’s mindset preparing.  How he visualized. He visualized both his successful manoeuvers and sequences needed on the rockface (like a Chessmaster) AND what will happen if he made mistakes.

As Jimmy Chin said, “mistakes in climbing happens when people are tired and way more often on the decent in benign situations.”

Visualizing both success, and mistakes and accepting each outcome will get you to the finish line.

Good thoughts to remember as you chart your big hairy audacious goal in 2021.

Defeating Average.



Song of the Heart

“To love someone is to learn the song in their heart and sing it to them when they have forgot” – Arne Garborg (Norwegian Writer)

I heard a great quote recently that I think beautifully summarizes how we should take care of our loved ones in challenging times. 
We all get down. It’s easy in these time periods. 
To finding the song for the person most important to you. 
Defeating Average.

Character is Revealed by Struggle

In Joseph’s Campbell the Hero’s Journey, one key stage of human experience is experiencing the “Abyss.”

Some of us put ourselves through the trials to slay the dragon ahead of it actually happening to be prepared, while others are thrust into it unknowingly.

Whichever journey you are on, eventually you will be tested.

Your character will be revealed in this struggle.

I would argue all of us are being tested right now in Covid times.

When faced with challenges or high-pressure situations, I often ask myself, what is the learning opportunity?

In these moments the layers of an onion are peeled back and character is revealed.

Lean into these anxious times.

You can come out on the other side a changed individual.

Defeating Average.


Courage Means Asking for Help

Its been a challenging year. So many people are struggling. I have felt anxious, angry, and frustrated.

I saw a great talk recently where a courageous woman recovering from cancer said “sometimes being courageous means asking for help and taking on less. Letting others take center stage and covering for you, helps others grow and helps you recover.”

Wise Words.

We all need a break these days.

Be gentle with yourself.

Offer to cover for others when you see they need help.

Ask for help when you need a rest and live to fight on another day.


Empower Media Consumption 

Control what you can control

I’m tripling down on this theme in anxious times. It’s something I struggle with daily!

There is so much angst, anxiety, and frustration in our world and news cycle. It can get overwhelming.

My goal is to be in bed by 930pm each night for a good night of sleep. I was doom scrolling till 11 pm the other night and finally realized my thirst for information was counterproductive!

When I do it right what has been helpful?

  1. Limit Twitter consumption to 15 minutes
  2. Do it midday or end of the workday and cut it off
  3. Put my iPhone away for Tess bedtime and bath time
  4. Watch a documentary or series in the evening and go to bed

Technology is wonderful and related to social consumption it’s working against us. You need to be focused and disciplined on how to overcome.

Defeating Average in controlling what you can control.


Accept, Adjust and Adapt

Are you anxious?? I am. Lots of uncertainty right now. 

It’s easy to get caught up doom scrolling and sidetracked on things you can’t control. 

What can we do?

Accept, Adjust and Adapt

Accept what is. 

Naming your emotions, writing down what you need to accept to get through this tough time period will help get it out of your brain. 


The same pre covid pre-political angst methods may no longer work. Change your routines and habits. 

Journaling I want doing prior to this, now I do every day. 


The new virtual world requires different skills. Have you modified your approach?

My two examples. 

I get outside three times a day no matter what and measure myself to it with a yes or no in my journal. 

I added in 5-15 minutes of work to family time clearing mediation to reboot for the evening. That could also be a walk or a stretch, anything to clear the mind. 

Defeating Average in the new virtual decade. 


The Life That is Waiting For Us

“We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”

– Joseph Campbell

Questions that help me find this essence.

What would you do if you didn’t compare yourself to anyone else?

What advice would your 20 years in the future self give you about your choices this year?

What brings me energy? What brings me life?

I hope these help you as you navigate your GPS to the life that is waiting for you.

Defeating Average.


The 3 W’s of 2021

The turn of the calendar like a season in a year has natural energy change. This year feels like an aberration but it’s still there. 

Get laser-focused on what you want and what you can control. 

3 W’s

What, Why, Who


What do you want? 

What do you really want?

Spend some time thinking and journaling on this daily. 


Why do you want it? What will keep you going when obstacles rear their ugly head?

Jot down a number of your why’s. 


Who can help you?

No one achieves anything alone. It takes an army. 

Who are you going to enroll to help you? What’s in it for them?

Who are: 

  • Your accountable partners 
  • Inspiration partners
  • People you can lean on

To Defeating Average Together.