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4 Ways to Develop Authentic Leadership

Authentic Leadership starts in your own back yard. It starts before you start managing people. I was having a conversation with another leader last week and we were discussing authentic leadership in the workplace. It’s easy to say, you need to be an authentic leader but no one really teaches you how. Here are four pathways to developing your authentic leadership. 1. Know your own strengths Many people don’t know what their own strengths are. They don’t have the awareness of why they have been successful to date or not…even before they start leading people. In sales rep survey’s I have conducted over the years, “my manager doesn’t help coach my strengths and weaknesses” was a constant area of feedback. It’s hard to coach others if you don’t know your own. Strength finder test is a good one to steer building awareness. Find the link here in addition to other tips on How Leaders should spend their first 30 days. 2. People don’t know what their “term”s are. What are non negotiable’s that you will not …

Consistent and Calm

Some of the best advice I have received in my career was to be patient and calm and weather the storm. It can be applied to your week, day and even an hour. I went out for an hour+ run in the heat. It was 90 F and pretty humid here in NYC on Saturday. I like to feel like I am making progress and often run hard in shorter runs of 30-40 min and sometimes up to an hour. I’m just starting to get my mileage back up. As I was getting ready for my run, I started thinking about the goal for it. Sometimes I don’t! What would success look like today? My goal was to be consistent. No need to push hard. I was building volume. It was hot. When hot, it’s easy to get anxious. Just like a race. I visualized myself in the hot Atacama desert in Chile. Practicing deep breaths and keeping calm. In past races I have gone out hard to early from excitement and burned out the …


  I had the good fortune of spending time with a young, bright and energetic Salesforce small business team this week, sharing some words of wisdom from my 12 years at Salesforce and lessons learned in my climb up Kilimanjaro in 2009 and in taking on a number of adventure races.   If I can share three quick thoughts to end the week.   1. Normalize failure – don’t strive for failure but be ok skinning your knee, learning and growing.   2. Accept the Obstacles in front of you.  Visualize the crappy set of circumstances you are about to entail, see yourself over and through them.  In this way you will be half way to your goal before you start.   3. Camaraderie can take you to great heights. What seems challenging alone is less daunting when you partner and team. Get the creativity you need to get the momentum to get started.   Have an amazing weekend!   Colin  

Don’t ask for life to be easier

I once was running on a treadmill training for an upcoming endurance race. 4 hours on incline is a true test of will, persistence and mental toughness. Your mind goes all over the place including, get me off this treadmill!!   As I was passing from hour 3 to 4 my trainer could see I was starting to falter. He checked in on how I was doing, didn’t give me any chances for excuses and then wrote this on a big piece of paper and hung it on a TV nearby. Powerful. Enough said.   It’s something I took with me into the race, I needed every hour and every day.   Thanks Daniel and Josh!   Where can you ask to be stronger today?   Colin

I’m Inflexible!

Photo by Alberto Restifo on Unsplash My backwards flexibility is a 2/10…and I’m excited.  I’ve moved on from working the physio on the ankle now to my mid spine. The ankle is healed, I’m running! Time to work on the next foundational part of my game.  If discovery is the foundation of sales, functional mobility is the foundation of running.  My back has always given me problems in past races. Severe back spasms. Cause: weak core, lack of flexibility in the spine, over extension and over use.  I’m excited to know I’ve been able to make it through many desert runs with weak hip flexers, poor posture and weak core! My yoga instructor told me so over the year many times. I didn’t disagree, I just didn’t know how or wasn’t ready to put focus on it everyday.  Two lacrosse balls (tied into a sport sock!) in the mid back 10 min a day + some other posture routines.  If I can open up the spine, I open up the lungs, stability in the core and new possibilities for …

5 Things I Learned From The BIG 5 in Africa

What you see in nature you see in life. Each species enters the world through birth and is quickly pushing for survival under the protective cover of their mother. Soon they start to make some of their own choices and the law of the plains dictate if they survive or thrive.   Here are five things I learned from the Big 5:   Elephant    Perhaps our favorite of the Big 5.  Maybe because we saw so many and had lots of time with them, we got to see lots of their personality. They are very social creatures and typically travel in large groups. They have no natural predators and they will carry a baby elephant in the mother’s belly for two years. That’s dedication!   Buffalo   On our second evening drive we spotted a heard of wild buffalo and followed them for a little while. The males have big helmet like caps to their horns that protect their skulls as they ram one another for dominance of the group. Our guide tells us it would take a pride of lions to bring …

Unemployment Skyrockets

South Africa continues to go through transition. The government has started to build housing for those with less means in around major cities. Getting a roof over your head is the first priority. Often housing built for 5,000 swells with up to 60,000 as people take care of friends and family. Unemployment in South Africa is 27 percent! What if one out of every four people you knew didn’t have a job? The good news – I saw at least one example of building job creation. Pinotage Youth Development Academy. In an industry that makes a lot of money, the wine business, they are funding vocational job training for disadvantaged youth. Bridging the gap to finish high school and get training that can turn into a job in a growing industry. We experienced it at one of the wineries we visited and they are doing great work! When those days the job is a grind, be patient, be reflective, be present and be grateful for the living you make. In those moments often lies the …

You have 40% more capacity than you know

Trust me I know. In 2013 in Iceland on an injured ankle and banged up knee I ran 45 miles to finish a 7 day stage race. I could barely put weight on my right leg as I got into my sleeping bag the night before. My only thought was to give the body a full night rest and put one foot in front of the other to start the final day. I rode the emotional roller coaster of finding one new gear only to get emotionally drained an hour later.   I tapped into reserves I didn’t know existed. Over 17 hours I found those extra gears that will stick with me for life.   Whether its in sport, art, or a hobby, you have untapped potential you just have not accessed.   Go out and find that extra gear today!   Colin