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Day 6 – The Final Lap

The Last Desert (Antarctica) 2016 Well it was more than one, it was five. 2KM laps around an incredible lake that looked upon an Everest like mountain range with the other side flowing into Half Moon Bay Antarctica. Sometimes you get a flat track where you can plod along and contemplate the week, other times you get crusty snow that as the micro climate changes every 15 mins goes from breaking through 1.5-foot-deep snow to trudging through slush. Everyone is pretty banged up. Most hobble along, some find second winds of inspiration to finish out the epic adventure in the final three hours. If I could highlight the week it would be “absolute stunning views, stillness and harsh landscape” all wrapped in one. We were very fortunate with the weather, with only one day shortened due to inclement weather. I am always in a reflective mood going through the last day. Sometimes it’s about the friendships you have made, the hardships you have encountered or the terrain you have conquered. I would say in this …