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5 Peak Moments

A mentor recently shared with me, the 5 peak moments in your life will show you what you care about.  It helps identify the commonalities for your purpose.  Mine in chronological order are: Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro / Safari / Raising Money (2009) – Giving back, Gratitude, Belief Wondering through desert in China (2012) – Acceptance, Accountability, Learning A 13 hour run through desert in Chile (2015) – Capacity, Belief, Pay it Forward Adventuring in Antarctica (2016) – Reset, Refocus Getting Married to Blake (2017) – Love, Passion and Partnership What have all these these peak moments shown me? We each have much more access to skills, capability and “gears” we didn’t know exist. I would estimate we have at least 40-50% more capacity than we are currently operating with. How do we find it?  By leaning into uncomfort and opportunities that stretch our capabilities. Once stretched, they don’t go back. What will you do today to start leveraging those extra % points?