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The moment of truth

My wife and I hit a soul cycle class at the end of the day on Sunday.   We had a great Mother’s Day lunch, ran some errands and were lamenting it had been a food filled weekend.   What to do? Book a class to keep us both accountable to get off the couch. We figured better to try and get the class in before a busy week ahead.  We tried a new instructor that had just graduated and had only 10 taught classes prior. Our instructor Sidney, brought some youthful energy to the session. She was more focused on being supportive of newer people since she was new herself! Beginners eyes. It was noticeable. Very inclusive.  She pushed us up to a crest of effort through a good climb and just when you thought we were on the way back down, she identified an opportunity and that moment of truth.  The opportunity to back off and slow down or flex the muscle of pushing through an obstacle, stretching capacity, be gritty, tap into the community camaraderie …

What gets focus, gets done

A Kenyan runner recently came close to breaking the 2-hour marathon time barrier. Very close. The 2 hour Marathon will eventually fall. The Nike project has come close in controlled settings, which to note are not marathon race conditions.  Similarly, when Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mile in 1954, it opened the flood gates and many athletes have broken that barrier since then. It had previously been thought impossible.  Think about what kind of mindset it took. Instead of thinking how am I going to beat my competitors and use my resources to run my personal best time, I’m going to focus all my energy and creativity to run a time that is well below the current world record.  Meaning even if you are only moderately successful, against that goal, you may propel yourself to be the best in the world.  Where can you raise the bar extremely high, so that even if you miss, you produce far beyond current expectations? Read more on the story here.

Sometimes you need to see the proof

If I have learned one thing from leaders and mentors over 20 years you can relate it to this: Ice Berg Theory 80% of the hard work is below the water line and you often only see the fluffy 20% above. I was watching an Instagram video of an Olympic athlete last week and she highlighted her morning routine. There are some components my physiotherapists have been recommending for years around flexibility, warm up, and balance.  It really clicked for me. She does this every single morning without fail.  Am I that accountable on this area? The answer was no. If it’s that important, which right now it is.  It must get done. It had me thinking of past business examples as leaders modeled the way so I could see the hard work under the water line. That is when it clicks for me. What about you? Have you wondered how your peer got the promotion when you think you deserved it? Have you thought about how a rising star spends their evenings or weekends? …

I Skinned My Knee

I hit the wall. Literally. I was doing box jumps on cement ledges. I did four sets along an obstacle course type run near home on the weekend. The last set was the highest. I needed a lot of momentum to get my feet on top and I couldn’t quite get the squat and stand up on top. I kept pushing and in the background their were kids yelling and playing and with a momentary loss of concentration….whammo! I scraped my shin on the granite ledge!! Hurt like an SOB!  The pain radiated right up into my hip. As I walked it off, on closer inspection of my bloody shin, I left a small patch of skin on the ledge. Gross right! I was close to the end of my workout and was a 5 min walk from home. As I thought about either packing it in or finishing off the jumps and sprints I had left I had a flash back to running down down the side of a mountain in China after a …


I was riding the bike in the gym yesterday in Lake Placid NY. Home of the 1932 and 1980 Olympic Winter Games. There were a couple Olympic Medals in case behind the front desk of the inn from a local ski hero. Maybe it was being out in the wilderness, trees and mountains which I love, maybe the nostalgia of a host city of the winter Olympics, but I felt a little more jam in the gym during my workout. I’ve been rehabbing my ankle for a couple months now and its a lot better, but I still have some work to do. I took focus off it on my recent heavy four week work road tour, and it hasn’t progressed much in February. I was riding the bike and two different perspectives washed over me. One, I have been riding the bike for 30 min or so a few times a week and getting in some weights in after or on a different day. I am doing enough to get by and keep shape. …

Renewal Focus

After one big goal completed, I am always focused on recovery and thinking about the next goal I can mentally start preparing for. What are the things I am focused on now for rehab. I got in touch over the weekend with my athletic therapist to create my next 4-6 week plan. What am I focused on? Technique Flexibility Strength Balance Intentions Small improvements in form Slowing down with long stretches Focusing on one legged exercises to return the spring to muscles Increasing range in yoga poses Why am I doing it? Because I have seen the difference between good and great Because a 2 mm change can make a massive difference Because I am always learning Because I saw and felt areas I could improve once I got back in the gym During the holidays I will be going through my annual goal planning session and should have some indications by January on what the next adventures will be! Have a terrific Tuesday! Colin

Good Things Come In Small Packages

I’m on my way to San Francisco today and this weekend I was thinking ahead about how to have a healthy week. Like planning your work week ahead, a mindful and healthy week takes preparation. I’ve often packed a partial bag of protein for my trip and walked right by the by the serving packages.  Not sure why?  For road travel, having small daily packages looks like it will be easy.    There is a great juice shop right near the office and I typically pick up a couple green juices and one chocolate. I bring my protein mixer and in the morning voila, easy and healthy start to the morning.  In addition, I will be taking my spirulina caplets with me (for additional greens in the morning to reduce the acidity level in the stomach) and liquid probiotic.  Focusing on reducing inflammation in the gut has been a proven key to long term health. Lastly, the fish oil, vitamin C and vitamin D (until we get real sunshine) will be packed.

Conscious Balance

Many people have asked me how I keep balance in my life.  Its a never ending journey.  However, I had this discussion with my coach recently and we talked through what balance really means. Commitment What are you committed too? What are you not committed too? When you can be really clear on you are 100% committed to, and not, making choices get easier? If it’s a partner, kids, work, a healthy lifestyle, you need to be all in. That being said, if work is the only thing you are ALL in for, balance is likely suffering. This past quarter for me, early February….was getting married. Shutting everything else out. The rest of the month was heavy on the work, with a side of healthy living. As we moved into March, healthy living took centre stage and spending time with my wife. April was back on the road, delivering programs and onboarding new team members. May is healthy living – physio, meditation, workouts – reviewing what was done well in Q1, adjusting the plan for …