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I couldn’t change the channel

Until I interrupted my overworking brain with a real life conversation, with someone I have never met before. My wife and I met up with a colleague of hers at the end of the day who is a keynote speaker for a living. She has professional expertise in dealing with substance abuse, and other tough subjects. Its a very different topic than technology and her stories had synapses firing in other areas of the brain. Often at the end of the day, I take an exercise break to loosen up some creativity before tackling the final tasks of the day. Today, I changed channel and tuned in with presence to a different way of thinking, a topic unfamiliar, and passion & positivity that comes out of hardship. To more eye to eye conversations and more presence in your week. Colin

The Artists Dilemma

The feedback loop is critical to greatness. We were in Hyannis Port, Cape Cod this past weekend staying with a friend. It’s beautiful, historic and full of character. Our friend spent many family holidays in the area and recently bought a couple nice paintings to take home, reminding him of past summers. Along a morning walk, we came upon the artist sitting by a historic viewpoint working on a new painting. Our friend marveled at how the grey in the ocean blue had changed the whole painting to look even closer to what you see with they eye. As he commented on it, the painter said “yes, I took your feedback from earlier in the week and adjusted the pallet to see how it would turn out. I have been painting this area for many years, and I am always testing and getting input. I’m really pleased with how this one is turning out. It was a request from the Kennedy family to capture this viewpoint. I’d be happy to come by and rework the …

If I die tomorrow

I listened to a great Podcast with Oprah and the Author of the Alchemist Paulo Coelho on a run home from work today.  Some people mentioned this is one of their favorite books of all time! Right after the story of Nike – Shoe Dog….it’s queued up next. I’m excited!   What I liked about the podcast?   His life story and view of the world.   “If I die tomorrow.   I spent more than half my life with the women I love.  How many people can say that? I did everything I wanted to do in life.  I have no regrets. I fought for my dream. I did not take no for an answer.   If I die tomorrow, it’s ok.”   Sounds like a life well lived.   What have you not had the courage to take the first step towards?   Now is the time.   Colin

Honor Your Teacher

I had a moment this morning while working out with my trainer. Halfway through a taxing workout and he was going for a quick bathroom break. “Two more of exercise A and one more of B,” he said. As I went into that 4th set of one legged Romanian dead lifts, this thought bubbled up in my head. Honor my teacher. It got me thinking after. What we do while no one is watching (which I have talked about recently) is the mark of true champions. Is that a thought that can keep us connected to our mentors, teachers and those we ultimately respect? It does for me, how about you? What about respect, time given, life experience and raising our standards? I could let off in my work profession, sport, meditation…but does it honor those who have invested in me? Colin

What the top 1 % of sales people do

I’ve been selling for 20 years. Many years ago I was in the top 1 percent of sellers in our company. I’ve also had some absolute flops. Consistency, discipline and continual learning are some factors that contribute to success. Now I’m focusing on mastering my craft by teaching and enabling others. It’s great to get to the top of the mountain once or twice, but how do you do it year after year after year? I often say to newer sales reps I talk to, its what people do when no one else is watching that makes the difference between good reps and great reps. In fact, it can be highlighted as what is below the waterline when thinking about the iceberg theory. 80% of the iceberg is under the water. So is the work. What is below the waterline? Time / Effort – how much time do you spend evenings and weekends on mastering your craft. I used to spend hours on the weekend tiering my accounts, researching contacts and attempting to network in …


  I had the good fortune of spending time with a young, bright and energetic Salesforce small business team this week, sharing some words of wisdom from my 12 years at Salesforce and lessons learned in my climb up Kilimanjaro in 2009 and in taking on a number of adventure races.   If I can share three quick thoughts to end the week.   1. Normalize failure – don’t strive for failure but be ok skinning your knee, learning and growing.   2. Accept the Obstacles in front of you.  Visualize the crappy set of circumstances you are about to entail, see yourself over and through them.  In this way you will be half way to your goal before you start.   3. Camaraderie can take you to great heights. What seems challenging alone is less daunting when you partner and team. Get the creativity you need to get the momentum to get started.   Have an amazing weekend!   Colin  

Best Sales Pitch of the Month

I may have just sat on the best sales call of the month! I was sitting in Bryant Park across from the office taking in some fresh air and returning email. I was approached by a friendly sales person. He wasn’t selling software, he was selling roses.  “Hello sir how are you today.” He was professional and friendly. “I’m selling roses to support getting into art school.  Would you like to see what I have?” He showed me good samples and ones that other customers had liked the most. He was open to negotiating but representing a fair deal. Good finesse.  “They go for $10 if you could work with that price it would be great.” I asked him which one he liked the best and why.  “The turquoise and orange has my favorite colors and seems to be getting the best response right now.” I could have negotiated but didn’t. I heard him sell one for $5 down the way.  He earned it! I stuck around and saw him sell 10 pictures in 20 …