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Are you losing your mind?

Are you losing your mind?    In this great episode Dr. Michael Gervais interviews Nelson Dellis, a Grand Master of memory.   If you are finding it difficult to keep things straight in your mind these days, this episode is for you.   Since covid, and working a ton on zoom meetings (maybe from getting a little bit older), I find the memory recall is not as good as it used to be!   How to Master Memory   Nelson is a 5X USA memory champion. He’s an athlete of the mind! He has remembered up to 907 digits and 9 decks of cards!   A very unique dialogue and I think you will enjoy it. Defeating Average. Colin

Ukraine Strong

My grandfather on my Dad’s side died when I was 12. My middle name was named for him. My Grandmother and his wife died a number of years later. They grew up in the farming community in the province of Manitoba, Canada. The breadbasket of Canada. I remember getting my first tool set just a couple years before he passed. He had an old shed he worked out of just like my dad would for most of his life. He fixed things that were broken. He repaired trucks, cars and items in and out of the house. He lived a simple life. He was grateful for what he had and to live in a country where you could carve your own path based on hard work. My grandfather is Ukrainian. My Dad is Ukrainian Two of the biggest communities of Ukrainians are in Manitoba and Edmonton, Alberta where I grew up. In 1997 and one of the biggest floods since 1950 in Winnipeg, my dad traveled to help his brother to build a fortress of sandbags …

Honey Makes Me Wiggle

I was making a lunch snack for my daughter this morning and I asked her the typical question. Would you like almond butter and honey or almond butter and jam? She shook her head and came over and pointed at the honey. Almond butter and honey I said.  She shook her head no, “just honey.” Why, I said? “I don’t like Almond Butter.” But you have always liked Almond Butter I said. “I just want honey. Honey makes me wiggle.” Fair enough! As I am learning, things change often with kids. What was true one week is not true the next. What worked yesterday, may not work tomorrow. Accepting that as true with my daughter makes life easier.  I am focused on staying a little curious a little longer and treating each day with a beginner’s mind.   Defeating Average.   Colin

I’m back from PTO and I slowed down!

“Pay attention in the present moment. Drink your tea slowly and revelry, as if it’s the axis on which the world earth revolves – slowly, evenly without rushing towards the future. Live the actual moment, only this moment is life.” – Thich Nhat Hanh   It took me three days on a week-long vacation to SLOW down, rest and restore.  I had naps in the afternoon instead of writing. I meditated longer in the morning instead of rushing to get a workout in. I played in the ocean longer with my daughter Tess, instead of heading to the beach and chunking through the book I was reading. I was less achievement oriented and I feel like I am coming back more rested! I lived more in the moment. I did less, and went deeper.   In the end, what’s it all for? This is one of my daily questions I answer. I spent some time documenting good moments during the days. Something I can refer back to. Hopefully I can bring at least 2%+ more …

My Stressful thoughts overtake my ability to focus

I was listening to a podcast last weekend as the guest was answering a passage stuck out. When I am overloaded, “my stressful thoughts overtake my ability to focus” and I thought yes, that is how I feel some days! The good news is those days are infrequent and I find it’s helpful to watch for the queues and have a plan Queues: When I feel like I have so much to do and don’t know where to start When the same single keeps playing in my head about things I can’t control Negative thoughts in general Antidote: Go for a walk outside and get fresh air Take a breathing or meditative pause and break Write down all the things I have to do, get them out of my head. Circle the Top 3 and work on the first one first.   Defeating Average through stress.   Colin

Are you languishing AND flailing?

I was listening to a great podcast from Dr Michael Gervais on Finding Mastery and he had a great guest Dr. Katie Milkman, who’s a behavioral scientist, and wrote a book recently with her focus “that optimism comes when you have a fresh start”.  Maybe it’s from a life event, or for something you’re striving for. Maybe it comes from pain, or you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired. It can come at any time, it can be from different chapters in your life.  It can be after a rough quarter, a challenging month, a surprising week, and or sometimes daily focus.  I like to think I have fresh starts of some sort on a daily basis.  Optimism, even if you’re not always optimistic, we all have that ability to find it.  It can be that pivot point or that first timely start. I encourage you to think about that, think about the science, and be on the lookout for the opportunity.  Sometimes when you’re looking for it you find it or when …

Does your boat size fit the task at hand?

I was sitting up on the patio of our building in New York City looking at the boats going by. We are down in Battery Park which is just next to Tribeca. You can see the Statue of Liberty off in the distance and it’s amazing how many different types of boats go through the Hudson.  In our new program at Salesforce, building out a Sales leader coaching practice, one of the things we have been talking about is you to best utilize your resources when working with a customer. I see similarities between the size of the boat you move in and how you bring value to a customer. Sometimes you are paddling in a two-person kayak. Other times you may need a little bit more horsepower and have 4-6 people in a speedboat. Sometimes and a little more rarely you see these pretty big yachts that are coming in from the islands and they are parked down by this little harbor and we walk down and check them out. Kayak is like your …

My Nutrition was out of wack

I have been trying to get back into shape. I am getting in a good amount of outside time, riding the peloton a couple of times and a week, and slowly easing back into running. It really hit me after a run 6 weeks ago and I felt completely out of shape when I was done.  Is this it, I was thinking? Maybe the good running days are done. I called a friend who has been accelerating in his 50+ year age for some advice. He said: Stretching and a lot of it Nutrition – Are you being honest with yourself? East back into it   I have been on a stretching binge, my wife can attest to it. Lying on the floor all over the apartment. What has really helped is focusing on it with my trainer. Instead of stretching for time, stretching for deep breaths (that are a similar amount of time). I can report making big strides in my standing stretch and things are progressing. Nutrition. I started following a program with …

Non-Striving in Sales 

If there was a year for non-striving it was 2020. You might have worked twice as hard to hit the same quota AND it was an opportunity to put your mental health first. Listening to world-leading meditation teacher Jon Kabat Zinn recently he said: “Non-striving is related to trust.  There is no place to go Nothing to do Nothing to attain   When you adopt that mindset, everything is attainable. There is a vortex of insights and clarity awaiting you.”

Sleep – What gets measured gets done

It was last May, now that I think about it.  I was perpetually tired. I was wondering if 45 years old just meant this is the way it was going to be. My friend recommended using a device to measure sleep. I decided to invest in the Whoop Strap.  He said you probably think you are getting enough sleep but aren’t. I made it my number one priority for two weeks.  Get good sleep, use good sleep hygiene, and see what was really happening. The Whoop app and other ones people like, measure your heart rate, your variable heart rate (the beats in between the big beats of your heart), how much you strain your body each day, and how long you sleep for. It doesn’t tell time, it just does that…and does it well. It gives you a score of 1-100 and a zone or red (not good), yellow (average), and green (ready to peak perform). I was in the red for the first 5 days! It showed I was way behind on sleep and quality …