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Checkers and Chess

Forced anxiety helps you grow. I was taking a break in Bryant Park next to Salesforce Tower NYC and sat down in an area designated for games (lots of kids!) and a mature crowd playing Chess. There has been some great chess movies over the years, that highlight youth learning to play in speed chess. As I watched these two veteran players, the speed (and corresponding time tracking device they hit after each move) they played at was amazing. They were putting one another under pressure, under forced anxiety as they pushed to win the match. After playing the same game (Chess) every game, BUT never playing the same configuration, they recognize opponents moves and are able to react faster, think many more steps ahead and learn from mistakes with post opponents. How can you put yourself into more forced anxiety situations with the safety net of camaraderie behind you? Colin

I couldn’t change the channel

Until I interrupted my overworking brain with a real life conversation, with someone I have never met before. My wife and I met up with a colleague of hers at the end of the day who is a keynote speaker for a living. She has professional expertise in dealing with substance abuse, and other tough subjects. Its a very different topic than technology and her stories had synapses firing in other areas of the brain. Often at the end of the day, I take an exercise break to loosen up some creativity before tackling the final tasks of the day. Today, I changed channel and tuned in with presence to a different way of thinking, a topic unfamiliar, and passion & positivity that comes out of hardship. To more eye to eye conversations and more presence in your week. Colin

The Artists Dilemma

The feedback loop is critical to greatness. We were in Hyannis Port, Cape Cod this past weekend staying with a friend. It’s beautiful, historic and full of character. Our friend spent many family holidays in the area and recently bought a couple nice paintings to take home, reminding him of past summers. Along a morning walk, we came upon the artist sitting by a historic viewpoint working on a new painting. Our friend marveled at how the grey in the ocean blue had changed the whole painting to look even closer to what you see with they eye. As he commented on it, the painter said “yes, I took your feedback from earlier in the week and adjusted the pallet to see how it would turn out. I have been painting this area for many years, and I am always testing and getting input. I’m really pleased with how this one is turning out. It was a request from the Kennedy family to capture this viewpoint. I’d be happy to come by and rework the …