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One Sure Fire Way to Build Trust

“You can’t understand someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.” I have a friend who was mentoring someone this week. They were shadowing meetings and actions and at the end of the day shared, “wow that was a really busy day, is it always like this?”   The mentor shared, “It’s not always like this but can go for a week or two in a row.  I go home, grab something to eat and then catch up on emails and put some more work in. I love what I do, and that makes it worthwhile.”   It was important for the rising young star, “to walk a mile in her shoes” and try on what that role is like and if she wants to grind through adversity to one day get there.   Make sure you make yourself available to teach the next generation.   Colin

Should I Restrain This Mind Of Mine

I loved this quote and explanation I heard in my daily calm meditation app this weekend. “Where would I find enough leather to cover the entire surface of the earth? But with leather soles beneath my feet, it’s as if the whole world has been covered. Likewise, it’s not possible for me to restrain the external course of things, but should I restrain this mind of mine, what would be the need to restrain all else?” We don’t have control over all else but do have control over our self. We don’t need to cover the world with leather, instead, we toughen the leather on  our own feet so that we are more resistant to it. -Shantideva, 8th Century Indian Buddhist Monk

Prioritize Yourself

I was talking to some senior sales leaders that spread across the industry this week in our monthly collaboration call. All of them have families and high-pressure jobs and one thing in common. Time management challenges. I am definitely taking notes our first little one is due in June!    The topic de jour was prioritization and time management.   While we didn’t solve world hunger, we did make some progress: They all pointed back to the company vision and values…or in some cases their own personal family vision, values, and critical success factors. Recentering on what your purpose is…and what gets you fired up every morning. One of our leaders decided to do a less work-work each morning and more contribution to self, learning, and family before starting the day. When you focus on One thing, a great book, and the highest priority thing…it often makes everything else easier or unnecessary.   Finally, shared camaraderie helps with prioritization, accountability, and mastery.   Colin  

Champions Make Choices

  From “The Way of the Champion” by Jerry Lynch who has helped many of the best men’s and women’s NCAA coaches and top NBA teams perform at the highest levels. “When one eye is on winning or outcomes, there’s only one left to focus on the moment. Tell yourself this truth: Your greatest triumphs are always by-products of your ability to demonstrate the level you have attained in anything you do. You do this by focusing on the moment, the experience itself, rather than by trying to control the outcome or results” World class athletes, leaders, and performers visualize their way to the top. Take four deep breaths and focus on these five question Jerry Lynch has used with the best athletes in the world Imagine pushing yourself to perform the best you can. Feel the confidence from performing as you know you can Sense the moment to moment thrill and excellence Experience the fun as you execute your well-defined plan Feel the joy, the dance, and the flow of a great performance Colin  

Episode 249: Colin Nanka – Success Starts With A Choice: Leader, Adventure Racer

The Learning Leader Show – Guest Colin Nanka I want to thank one of my mentors Mike Wolff for connecting me to Ryan Hawk who runs the Learning Leader Show.   What I loved about doing this episode is being on the other side of really good discovery.   Ryan and I got to know each other pretty well over the last couple months and he does really good research. He also breaks down larger ideas into actionable insights.   You’ll hear my thoughts on:   Building trust Mistakes first line managers make Mentorship Accountability Anxiety Mantras and more! I highly recommend the recent episodes with Maria Taylor from ESPN, James Clear (Author and speaker on habits and decision making) and Jim Collins (Author –  Good to Great) and of course mine!   Colin  

How you V-U-C-A!

Volatility Uncertainty Complexity Ambiguity   Sound like a regular week in corporate land?   These are situations you will come across often.   What VUCA really means for you.   Volatility An unexpected ask from a senior leader that is going to take you more time to handle in your week. Solution: Leave elasticity in your schedule and have patience Uncertainty Change is happening in the organization. Solution: Connect and collaborate with new people in your division and find out how you can help them be successful. Complexity You have many parts of your business that need to work together in order to achieve a new larger objective. Solution: You may not know the answer, but bringing a group of smart people together focused on the same common goal will get you there.  Ambiguity You are moving into a new market and its early adoption phase for your product or solution. Solution: Pilot, test, evaluate – rinse and repeat. Have a great weekend!   Colin  

Success is a choice

The choices you make define your path. Who you surround yourself with sets your level of expectations. I’ve learned over time that when you get on the playing field with those better than you, it stretches your ability and raises your level of expectation. As a leader shared with us today, “put yourself in a room (or arena) on a weekly basis that gives you anxiety.” Growth comes through figuring out tough situations. Colin

It’s Just Business

It’s Just Business. No. It’s never just business, it never will be.   – Phil Knight, Founder, Nike One of Phil Knights motto’s from his book “Shoe Dog“ I’ve been listening to a couple chapters at a time while I get weekend runs in.  Among other great nuggets from one of the most successful companies ever, is this one above. The relationships he built inside Nike, with his partners, vendors all the way through the manufacturing chain, investors, his runners and the foundations he supported are family. Trust within his entire ecosystem was paramount to getting through many do or die moments in the companies history. A great read. Colin