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10 Things That Bring You Joy

An old classic from 2010 Many of us do not take time to appreciate what brings joy into our life. We are consumed making a living, paying the bills, taking care of kids/family, obligations, and keeping our head above water.  Have you ever thought, if you could take an unplanned day, what you would do?  There are many successful entrepreneurs/executives and executive coaches that believe the time to rejuvenate the spirit is absolutely essential to their success. Some take personal time every 2nd week, take a 5-day extended weekend every month or take an adventure/relaxation trip once per quarter. Many of us in corporate land may find a challenge in those scenarios, however, there are creative ways it can be done. Think about it for a few minutes, what is it that brings you joy? Take out a pen and write down ten things that bring you joy (or for those of you reading on the blackberry/iPhone, create a task and type it in).  Some will come from times in the past when you were …

Travel builds grittiness

I’ve heard people say, every time you travel away from home you write another page in the journal of your life.  I asked a couple successful women I know what how they built grit and what contributed to their success. They both said moving and re establishing themselves in new cities and traveling the world.  Both moved to North America from different continents.  They had to establish new friends, where to live, everything you need to survive and thrive. There are many obstacles to overcome, sometime including a language. The muscle you build overcoming adversity sticks with you.  Similar when you travel internationally. You will always run into roadblocks or detours along the way. How you get by, get through or overcome makes or breaks those trips, the experience and how you grow and learn.  I moved from Edmonton to Toronto at 28 and Toronto to NYC at 39! Probably later moves than most. In addition, I really started traveling the world extensively in the last decade.  Whether you were guided into your first moves …

Your White Rhino Story

When you wake up on the last day of Safari and you get to see the last of the big five you have not seen…it’s priceless. Maybe it’s because we were not expecting it, they had not been around all week! Maybe it’s when you come across such a unique beast you have never seen before, all you want to do is stare so intently at it and keep it in your mind forever. Spending 5-10 minutes with an incredible and endangered species is pure joy. Blake and I were smiles ear to ear! I’ve been very intentionally putting myself in a position to experience and collect these magic life moments for the last 10 years. When are you going after your next one? The choice is yours. Colin