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You are overwhelmed, anxious and can’t get everything done

Problem: You are overwhelmed, anxious and can’t fathom how you are possibly going to get everything done in the week, including reading and returning all your emails! Many people ask me how I manage time effectively? Solution: Read this old gem I wrote on Managing your energy and not your time, and… Answer these four questions: When am I at my best? If I look back at my best days, what has been consistent in all of them? Who do I lean on for positivity when I get anxious or overwhelmed? What is the best way I recharge my soul? Stay tuned Wednesday for tactical answers on how to better manage your energy and your time. Defeating Average Colin

Even Broadway performers have the yips

It’s not how you start, but its how you finish! As my wife Blake tells me, people are only going to remember 1-2 things from a talk or a performance. Perhaps the opening, a compelling story in the middle and a strong close. What happens if you have a slow start? We’ve all been there. Lock it in and crush those 1-2 moments that people are going to remember long after it’s done! We were at a cabaret performance on a cruise through the Greek Islands on holidays and we had some world class Broadway performers put on shows each night. Most of them perform scenes or songs in well-known shows and do it over and over again at the world-class level. We are talking Tony nominee and award winners. They are not as used to stringing a number of unconnected songs or routines together for a cabaret. As they got settled into the one-hour performance, a couple had slow starts. You could tell they were getting their grounding in the routine. I noticed something …

Thank You For Showing Up

Your pursuit may be individual but how you get there always has roots in a team. In my 1st year at Salesforce, we had a bunch of like-minded sales guys and gals who did a lot together. Worked hard, sold software had fun and found time to give back to our community. One thing we also did together that summer was meet one to two times per week at 6 am in a local park for a workout. Our friend Paul played high-level basketball and he ran us through some paces he did in his camps. Push ups, sit ups, carry bricks up and down hills and line runs. We were exhausted every time! We were also building the blocks or bricks of accountability. Just making that mental decision to get out of bed after 5 am to make it on time built our mental muscle. Once we were there, we always had a blast…and grabbed breakfast together after with a lot of laughs. We had many reasons not get out of bed or show …

It takes a village over centuries to succeed

We are in Athens and the Greek Islands on holidays this week! We spent a great day in Athens exploring! Home of the first Modern Olympic Games in 1896. What an amazing place to visit. The only stadium in the world built entirely of marble. I’ve watched every Olympic Games since I was 6 years old, and one of the reasons I was inspired to run and push a little bit harder to a goal every year. What I love about the Olympics: It only comes around every 4 years (summer games and I love the winter games too, coming from Canada) and you have one moment in time to capture glory for the rest of your life For those who don’t, they are still amazing olympians and have so much else in their life that defines them Every Olympian’s dream started by watching the generation before them and had the spark lit to commit to excellence Some Olympians perform at the highlest level in 2,3,4 olympics spanning 12-16 years! No one does this alone. …

Start by hitting it down the fairway

Even for one of the best golfers of all time, that was the advice he followed on the first hole. If you can hit it down the center of the fairway to start the final round, it makes everything else easier. He last won a major golf championship (of the years 4 big tournaments) over 10 years ago! This will go down as one of the greatest comebacks in sports history! Two things said about his performance: “I did all the small things right today. Small things lead to big things.” He used “controlled aggression in his approach.” Not too risky but leaning on his competitors. A couple of good lessons useful for all phases of performance. Defeat Average this week. Colin

Perform like a champion

“Success is often gained by not doing battle, the strategy is as much in knowing what not to do as it is in knowing what to do.” – Sun-Tzu Excerpt from the “The Way of the Champion by Jerry Lynch” NCAA Championship Coach and Sports Psychologist. “An accomplished jazz musician once told me that truly good music is the result of the space between the notes. The pause makes it what it is. Musical pauses are not a lack of action; they are an integral part of the action. So it is with your training and work schedule. Getting in good shape, being at your best regardless of your sport or career, is the result of the rest (pause) or space between the intervals of work. Your cellular structure is fragile and requires periods of rest. Like a champion, you need to learn how to massage your mind and body into shape as opposed to excessively forcing or pushing it there.” Find your time to battle, not battle and enjoy the pauses between the notes. …

When your odds are 42 to 1…you should just go home

On Feb 11, 1990, Buster Douglas went to Tokyo, Japan a 42 to 1 underdog against Mike Tyson for the boxing heavyweight championship of the world. I was a big Tyson fan when I was younger, most of my friends were. There was just something about his awesome power in the ring and the show he put on. I remember where I was and the moment I realized Tyson was in trouble. Most people don’t know Douglas’ back story and that his father was an ironclad contender in the middleweight division. Buster lived in the shadow of his father’s legend in the ring for much of his life. His mother was his rock. On this night, he lived up and came out of his shadow. ESPN and the 30 for 30 sports franchise just released the unknown story of Buster Douglas in 42 to 1. If you have ever felt like you haven’t quite lived up to your potential (spoiler, we all do) or there is a championship sequel that you need to write, this …

Five things I learned prepping for company kickoff

“Does everyone know how to properly use a handheld microphone”, Angela on my team asked? One hour before we were presenting in front of 300 people. The good thing was most of our people had presented in front of large audiences before, but a couple had not! Presenting in front of hundreds of people with a large team is like coordinating a stage production. You need to know where everyone is going to be at all times, with the right words, singing along to the same theme song and making it a unique experience for each person in the audience. For those of you in the chorus, behind the scenes or is in your future plans…some considerations: The Visuals – Get your messaging right and make sure it ties to your theme throughout. Have an objective 3rd party not in the show give you feedback can be helpful. The Choreography – Know who is coming onto the stage, when and what they are going to perform and who they hand off too. You can never …

Schedule Your Inspiration

If you don’t schedule it, it may not happen. I find my best days are when I connect with mentors, growth mindset peers or people I am mentoring. I have learned over time that life gets really busy and before you know it, 6 months have passed and you have not connected with some people that really inspire you. I schedule in bi-weekly and monthly meetings with these type of people so that every week I have inspiring conversations to look forward to. February Challenge – Schedule your inspiration. Defeating Average Daily. Colin

The truly civilized man is marked by empathy

“The truly civilized man is marked by empathy.” – Malcolm Kerr, from a collection of Essays 1967 (and Father of Steve Kerr, NBA Coach) Whether you are a fan of the Golden State Warriors or not, NBA legendary player and coach has a lot to teach. This is a great conversation where he talks about what he learned from USC and Seattle Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carrol about how he learned to be a great coach, after leaving his first NFL job. Listen to Steve Kerr, Golden State Warriors Head Coach from Finding Mastery: Conversations with Michael Gervais in Podcasts. Also, hear about why having a vision is only the start of the journey. Have a vision, share the vision and allow it to shift from the input. Instilling values, bringing everyone along and reflecting on them daily has been a critical learning for Steve and his team. More great nuggets, highly recommend. Have a great week. Colin