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What I Learned From Failure

In 2011, I joined a team of 10 Canadians on an expedition to run across the Sahara Desert – and I was determined I would make it to the finish line.  Well….I didn’t.  Early into the 7 day race I would get very dehydrated, throw up at camp night 1 and on day 2 red line the motor  – and no amount of water was going to revitalize this radiator.  After ten months of training, I sat back against the wheel well of this expedition jeep, and the only shade in the 120 F heat,  agonizing on a decision whether to pull out of the race.  Days before, I had left friends and family back home; excited and nervous about tackling one of the toughest endurance races on earth and now was on the edge of an epic failure.  This is the exact moment that I pulled out or the race and a picture that both motivates and haunts me till this day. Later that day, I would have an important choice to make.  Would …