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How to invest in relaxed intensity

“Competition does not cause anxiety. Any emotional reaction…getting supercharged, displaying team emotional spirit excessively…is an indulgence that could distract and reduce levels of energy so needed for success. You need to not display contrived emotions, it’s what teams do when their self-doubt needs an artificial boost. If you know yourself and your opponent…objectives, and motivations…then all the hoopla is unnecessary.” – Deng Ming-Dao, Tao Wisdom Frustration is natural when navigating the choppy seas of business change, within high anxiety arenas and that uncertain and pivotal fork in the road. Those who detach from the outcome and control what they can control are calm,  reserved, and prevail.  Can you protect and harness the energy source, even though the fire may rage within?  This is relaxed intensity.  It applies to both coaches (managers) and athletes (individual contributors).  Has a friend of yours every broken a tennis racket or golf club? It’s not technical skill but presence, and ability to connect with emotions of passion, courage, and belief that override anxiety. Exercise  Identify specific positive emotions you have on the …

Three reasons why you are failing as a leader

1. You are insincere 2. You are not reliable 3. You are not competent This is the trifecta of building trust with people you manage, serve or partner with. If anyone one of the three is deficient you will have a communication breakdown. You can be a brilliant and competent leader and push your team hard, walk the talk and get the job done – and yet if you are insincere it’s like having an oil leak in your car. You can be sincere, treat your people well, know your role and coach well and yet not match what you preach in action and not do what you say you will do…and your team is like a semi-trailer truck with a flat tire and your trailer is swinging wildly on the road. You can be kind, fun, caring, follow up tightly on team requests and administratively do what is required as a manager. If you can’t model the way in the role for your people before you ask them to do it and sweat the …

How strong are your weak ties

I recall a mentor of mine 10 years ago telling me about this new online tool called linked in. “He said this will help you build your network. Look through your inbox and outbox every weekend and meaningfully and personally connect with people you want to help and get to know better.” As David Burkus and Ryan Hawk talk about in this great podcast, spending a couple years building the foundation of your network long term will accelerate your ability to connect and leverage. If you do the work now and consistently, people down the road will come to you. Hear about how dormant ties, weak ties and creating clusters will supercharge building what you are passionate about. Colin

You are the pilot of your own life

“Your time is limited so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” – Steve jobs I like to sleep! I am about to get a lot less of it with baby (insert name) Nanka joining the world on or before June 8th! We could not be more excited. The average person lives 78 years! We spend 28.3 years sleeping!! That could mean over half of my life is behind me, however, I plan to live to 100! I have been waking up earlier, every year I am alive. I have too much to get done! In my role of enabling the success of other people, I constantly hear: I don’t have enough time I am overloaded I am sooooo busy I feel like I am always climbing I have lost balance in my life I have said all those things myself! I highly recommend this video by former Monk Jay Shetty as he beautifully outlines the value of time. Time is more valuable than money. Chart your own course today. Colin

Two Proven Scientific Ways To Improve Your Sales Pitch

It’s taken me 20 years of professional growth to realize less is more.  Simple is better. When you design to land your message instead of deciding what slides you should build to get your message through…you will drive real impact. The brain processes an image 60 times faster than words Messages delivered as stories can be 22 times more memorable than facts. Here is my example.  It may not be perfect…I am constantly working on this skill myself! “We are going through some change management in our company right now. Bringing a new group of people together can be challenging. It has happened every 2-3 years for me, from when I started selling Xerox copiers door to door, to when I was a co-prime and needed to influence people, to leading a sales team at Salesforce and now leading enablement. Driving change and overcoming obstacles is always about people.  It’s about conversations, it’s about trust. I have learned through making mistakes early in my career, building a bridge to understanding what is important personally and professionally to each person – …

What do you really love about your job?

Get reconnected to why you do what you do on a daily basis is really important. We often start by looking at the barriers, what we don’t like.  When we take time off work to travel somewhere fun, we don’t usually think about how crappy the process of getting there will be, we think of the core of that experience that will bring us joy.   It’s all how you approach the start of your day and what questions you ask yourself.   What do “I” really love about my job?   Colin  

How are you measuring yourself each week?

Leaders tell me prioritization is the biggest growth area for their people as they take on more responsibility.  More time planning and prepping so they are laser-focused in the moment and energy is leveraged for maximum payoff.  When you look back at the end of today, what were your highest value meetings this week and how will you adjust next week based on what you learned? Colin

Four questions that will make you trust-worthy

It takes a large extended team to get the job done at Salesforce. Period.   As a leader, your job is to bring people together. Two of the biggest things I have learned over my years as a leader is that people need to be heard and that most team break down comes from lack of communication.   If you spend more time up front addressing both, you slow down enough to understand – and drastically speed up in the long run.   We have run this exercise on my team as we welcome new team members and integrate with our extended partners.   One slide, four questions. Everyone shares. You will be shocked at what you currently don’t know about your team.   What is important for US to know about the best way to work with YOU? How do you like to be communicated with? When are you at your best? How do we address conflict when it comes up?   Take 30 minutes at your next team meeting and slow down….to speed …

8 Ways Parents Can Look at Balancing Work and Family Commitments

In a recent Harvard Business Review article What to do when personal and professional commitments compete for your time Elizabeth Grace Saunders shares: “You’re double booked. It’s not just one meeting scheduled over another. It’s something for your family at odds with a work commitment. These situations can trigger guilt and stress. Guilt because you feel like you’re letting others down — no matter what you decide, you will lose. And stress because you can’t literally be in two places at once.” Here are the first three recommendations: Values. To feel successful, you need to live according to your values. Ask yourself: What are my values in terms of the type of spouse, parent, and employee I want to be? What choices will I be happy that I made five years from now? Family culture. Every family has a different flavor in terms of what matters to them. Ask yourself: What kind of family culture do I want to create? Do I value eating meals together, going to kids’ activities, or spending quality time with my …

Surviving Through Duality

I was listening to a great podcast – Pivot by Adam Markel talking to Lisa Nichols who you may recognize from the partnership on Chicken Soup for the African American Soul with Jack Canfield and the Secret. She focuses on creating abundance. One great thing I took away from this podcast was her concept of Duality.   Who is she when she is her best self and who is she when she is still growing and learning?    She thinks about duality. Dual perspectives. Know what you know and what you don’t. She knows where she is a thought leader and where she’s isn’t as strong and needs to partner with others.   How can the “duality” approach serve you?   Direct on Adam Markel Site   Episode on Itunes – New Year, New You Colin