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I took a wrong turn!

This morning on a run their was construction on my run path. Ugh! They recommended a detour and it took me down a lane I had never been before. 25 meters from a corner I turn every time, was a placard and piece of the Berlin Wall! What an amazing thing to see in the morning. It’s a good reminder for each of us to raise our gaze each morning and see the world. Have a great weekend. Colin  

What do you focus on when suffering the most?

98 Percent of the way through a workout, exhausted, my trainers guidance came in.  “Head up, lock in the core and focus on a point straight ahead of me.” What you do in practice comes out when you compete. It was only 5 min of my training session but I know from experience I will leverage it come race day. How can you apply 5 minutes of dedicated focus when exhausted in your work week? Colin

Interest vs. Commitment

A great article outlining how you move from fuzzy aspirations to goal and habit.     I recently heard this said as “interest vs. commitment.”     Think about acquiring customers. You do it one at a time and reap the profit and stack them slowly over time. Its uncommon to garner them all at once.     Look ahead 12 months at the goal, way up and to the right on that graph. Work your way back month by month, until you get to the first four weeks of month one, and then to the first week. Break it down day by day.     Then put the long term plan away to review monthly…and simply have the courage to take the first step.     Success starts with making a choice.     Have a great weekend!     Colin

3 Reasons Why Multi-Tasking is Dead

  Time management is the biggest struggle I constantly hear across any professional, young or mature that I talk to.   Have you ever noticed when you are deep in thought making great progress on a project and someone comes over to ask you a question and snaps you out of the flow zone, how hard it is to get back refocused?   There is a cost for task switching.   It takes up to 15 minutes to fully refocus your brain from one task to another. World Class performers in any discipline say a minimum of 90 minutes (up to 3 hours) is what you need into truly dig into any task at a professional level. You can only truly focus on three big tasks per day and make any meaningful progress.  Accept it and work with it!   Think back, when was the last time you were truly engaged in something where you made meaningful progress?  How long were focused on it?   You might say “but I have 10-15 things I need to get …

I lost 9 out of 10 games

  I started out my squash career winning 1 in 10 games.    I had squash opponents younger, same age and older than me. Similar age and younger we played longer competitive points moving around the court. The older guys and gals would finish points faster and more efficiently, knowing that they could not run as long as I could.   My advantage = endurance.  However, I lost the first game every time! I was slow out of the gate and always behind before the match even got going.   Then one day, I decided to run to the squash court instead of driving. A nice easy 20-min run with my racket strapped to my back and away I went.  I showed up a sweating mess! It was pretty warm outside. I thought I burned myself out. Oh well, I had been on a losing streak anyway!   What happened?   I won 3-0 in games!  What??   I was in the game immediately and ran an opponent with not as much endurance as I …

Checkers and Chess

Forced anxiety helps you grow. I was taking a break in Bryant Park next to Salesforce Tower NYC and sat down in an area designated for games (lots of kids!) and a mature crowd playing Chess. There has been some great chess movies over the years, that highlight youth learning to play in speed chess. As I watched these two veteran players, the speed (and corresponding time tracking device they hit after each move) they played at was amazing. They were putting one another under pressure, under forced anxiety as they pushed to win the match. After playing the same game (Chess) every game, BUT never playing the same configuration, they recognize opponents moves and are able to react faster, think many more steps ahead and learn from mistakes with post opponents. How can you put yourself into more forced anxiety situations with the safety net of camaraderie behind you? Colin

I couldn’t change the channel

Until I interrupted my overworking brain with a real life conversation, with someone I have never met before. My wife and I met up with a colleague of hers at the end of the day who is a keynote speaker for a living. She has professional expertise in dealing with substance abuse, and other tough subjects. Its a very different topic than technology and her stories had synapses firing in other areas of the brain. Often at the end of the day, I take an exercise break to loosen up some creativity before tackling the final tasks of the day. Today, I changed channel and tuned in with presence to a different way of thinking, a topic unfamiliar, and passion & positivity that comes out of hardship. To more eye to eye conversations and more presence in your week. Colin

4 Ways to Develop Authentic Leadership

Authentic Leadership starts in your own back yard. It starts before you start managing people. I was having a conversation with another leader last week and we were discussing authentic leadership in the workplace. It’s easy to say, you need to be an authentic leader but no one really teaches you how. Here are four pathways to developing your authentic leadership. 1. Know your own strengths Many people don’t know what their own strengths are. They don’t have the awareness of why they have been successful to date or not…even before they start leading people. In sales rep survey’s I have conducted over the years, “my manager doesn’t help coach my strengths and weaknesses” was a constant area of feedback. It’s hard to coach others if you don’t know your own. Strength finder test is a good one to steer building awareness. Find the link here in addition to other tips on How Leaders should spend their first 30 days. 2. People don’t know what their “term”s are. What are non negotiable’s that you will not …

If I die tomorrow

I listened to a great Podcast with Oprah and the Author of the Alchemist Paulo Coelho on a run home from work today.  Some people mentioned this is one of their favorite books of all time! Right after the story of Nike – Shoe Dog….it’s queued up next. I’m excited!   What I liked about the podcast?   His life story and view of the world.   “If I die tomorrow.   I spent more than half my life with the women I love.  How many people can say that? I did everything I wanted to do in life.  I have no regrets. I fought for my dream. I did not take no for an answer.   If I die tomorrow, it’s ok.”   Sounds like a life well lived.   What have you not had the courage to take the first step towards?   Now is the time.   Colin