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This is the place – Manchester

Push yourself up in bed, plug in your headphones and listen to Poet Tony Walsh of Manchester underline the courage and spirit of a city and nation during incredibly hard times and unspeakable tragedy. Video below. This is the place  Then put your pants on one leg at a time, just like everyone else in Manchester today and go and give a little extra effort in their honor.  

Driving for retention

Earlier this week I found myself in unchartered territory: in front of a video camera.   My team and I are working on a series of videos designed to deliver bite sized chunks of knowledge, gathered from our community of sales reps, to help new people that come-up behind them.  In addition to building stronger bonds seeing and hearing from other members of our Ohana (Hawaiian for family), on a practical level, the series is designed to help us scale.   I’ve done a lot of live training, running customer meetings, some slideware recordings, but not that much video!   My topic of choice was one close to my heart: “How to Find a Mentor”   Knowing a topic is one thing, but creating a compelling and engaging video designed to teach a skill is a whole other ball game.    Here were a few key takeaways I learned from my awesome team about creating compelling video content:   Grab people’s attention with a WOW statement Have a strong why  Have a personal story that draws the viewer in Drop …