My Mission

I’ve been fortunate in my life to have great coaches, mentors and peers who have supported me in professional growth and adventures.  They have raised my expectations of myself.  However, I would not have been in the position to take advantage of their knowledge, guidance and accountability if I had not first brought the right attitude, the willingness to work extremely hard and live outside my comfort zone.

My focus is to teach and inspire people on how to grow and perform at the absolute highest level.  So they have choice on how they live their life.

I believe in paying it forward for all the positive karma and good will that I have benefited from. The more I teach, the more I grow.

I bring the best of ideas forward in the hope they can benefit others while connecting with new communities and personalities to further my own growth.

Adventure racing fills in my global point of view while pushing me far beyond my current capabilities to show me what is possible.  Before I started it provided me inspiration, if others find it through my journey I am grateful to have contributed.

Thank you for taking in my ideas and through contributing yours making us all better.