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“Amazing ‘Success is a choice’ session this morning.  Thank you for coming to Boston and inspiring our teams.”

– Ken Graff, Vice President, Salesforce.com


Success starts with a choice.

The choices I have made have taken me to the pinnacle of the sales profession.  Selling, leading teams and mastering my craft by teaching back.

Through 20 years of selling and running the toughest adventure races on earth, I have learned the fundamentals of high performance.

I am choosing to give them all away.

From an early age, I figured things out on my own.

After working two jobs to put myself through university, I took a chance on a sales job, working on 100% commission selling copiers door to door. It was soul-sucking and pride-swallowing work, but it laid my foundation.

Because of that choice, I learned to be ok with rejection.

Then I took on my first real adventure. Why? I was searching for something.

I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro at 35. I found part of the answer at the top. Connection to myself and reconnection with a purpose greater than myself.   For the next decade, I would run over one thousand miles through the harshest of climates in six continents. These miles put me on the road towards my life’s purpose:

To inspire people on how to grow and perform at their highest possible level



Let me share with you how normalizing failure can lead to high performance.

In 2011, I joined a team of 10 Canadians on an expedition to run across the Sahara Desert – and I was determined I would make it to the finish line. Well….I didn’t. Days before, I had left friends and family back home; excited and nervous about tackling one of the toughest endurance races on earth and now, I was on the edge of an epic failure. This is the exact moment that I pulled out of the race and a picture that both motivates and haunts me till this day.

I didn’t finish this race, but I made a choice that would change the course of my career. What you do with failure is a choice. It can lead you to so much success. It’s what you choose to do with your failure.


I believe visually accepting the crappy set of circumstances, the grind and suffering you are about to endure, will take you halfway to your goal before you even begin. Acceptance to what is.

In 2012 after my failure in the Sahara desert, I signed up for another race in China. 160 miles in the Mongolian desert. Some say this race is twice as hard, running up to 9,000 ft elevation. This time with the support of my business coach and a running coach I put a program together that focused on the mental challenges I would face.

I will share with you how I conquered some of the most challenging terrain on the planet.


In 2016, I joined 60 other runners to take on a 160 mile race in one of the coldest places on earth, Antarctica.

Less than four weeks out from starting my sixth Adventure race I sprained my ankle! Eight months of training potentially down the drain as one of my dream adventures flashed before my eyes. Was I done? Could I recover? After getting over the shock in the moment I limped home to lick my wounds. After an hour of feeling sorry for myself, I got motivated and got in touch with my team to put a plan together.

Let me share with you how I reframed and reset my goal in order to just get to the start line of the race.

Whether it’s climbing to the top of a sales organization, learning how to manage people, leading and teaching leaders or conquering your own adventure: everything starts with a choice.

We wake-up with the ability to make choices everyday.

What choice will you make today?