Colin’s pragmatic message of balancing mental and physical wellbeing served as a catalyst to Inspire and Energize our Enterprise Team as he walked through his blueprint of building resiliency in our personal & professional pursuits.

~ Hill D’Souza Enterprise Sales Leader Apple Canada

Your presentation out was spot on and super inspiring. Your message related to the team and gave powerful insight on your process to defeat average (and mindfulness)… something we can all apply in our daily practice. Thank you!

~ Jason Israel, Global Creative Director, Performance at The North Face

We talk about our 5Q mornings, we stoplight at the outset of our meetings, and we think more about optimism and gratitude.  These are important capabilities that are helping our teams grow and thrive.  We are grateful for the time we spent with you.  It has had a lasting impact on us as individuals and as teams.

~ Mark Knill, AVP Sales

How can you defeat status quo, inaction and overcome anxiety?
What I want to have happen for you is to crush your targets, be a cultural leader, and wake with the energy you need to live the life you want.

I want to thank you again for sharing your insights and story with our class. It was fantastic! So often we see experts/elite athletes and assume they just have an exceptional talent rather than seeing their growth journey of skill. I really appreciated how you pulled back the covers on the entire journey.

~ Laura Delizonna, PhD Stanford University, Continuing Studies The Emotional Intelligent Leader

Colin is an authentic leader and life long learner who brings curiosity, knowledge and presence to every interaction. We had the pleasure of having him speak to our company about the tenets of high performance. How he has balanced profound commitment and consistency through 20 years of selling, 1000 miles of desert running all over the world, and highlighting the brutal work that underpins growth.

~ Peter Lehrman, CEO, Axial

Colin is an incredible thought leader around motivation, mental agility, and teamwork.  He's touched each of my sales professionals over the years through his stories of courage and resilience and we could listen to his racing stories of Antarctica and the Sahara Desert over and over. Colin tells his stories in a mind provoking way that gets you to really think about your own personal and professional life and how you can make small improvements to challenge yourself and better yourself.

~ Heather Brenner, VP Sales

I have known Colin for over 10 years when he first decided to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro for charity and support the Kilimanjaro Education Foundation. Since then I have seen him tackle 7 Desert Adventure races all over the world, rise as a world class sales and enablement leader at one of the most forward thinking companies in the world and crystallize everything he has learnt through his blog and in speaking to groups around the country. I was very pleased when he accepted my invitation to join the KEF board and help us drive forward in the next 10 years.

~ Todd Grossman, CEO, Talkwalker